Making Our Products

All Sihlalo products have a training component, so that Sihlalo trainees can achieve their learning requirements. Not only is training about learning to design, cut, assemble and finish off, but it is also about different woods and their properties. The Sihlalo mission is to use sustainable materials to make new products, and to recycle/ repurpose/ renovate wood into other products.

New Sihlalo products are mostly made from sustainable American white oak. Oak is mechanically strong. It is rewarding to work with because it cuts easily, and has a more interesting grain and figure than other white timbers such as beech. It is a sensible choice for products that need to be hardwearing (such as garden items or children’s toys). It is ideal for woodwork trainees when they are learning about wood structure, and how to finish wood for the best visual and tactile effects.

DISCLAIMER: All prices do not include shipment!