Our Mission

  • To turn disadvantage into advantage for disadvantaged young adults by training, mentorship and education in woodwork, hospitality and music performance
  • To improve employment opportunities for Sihlalo trainees
  • To strive for excellence in all Sihlalo products / outputs
  • To provide a community hub that provides opportunities for personal growth for trainers and trainees


  • Acquiring woodwork or upholstery skills through structured training programs (including safety training, equipment maintenance and hand tool management)
  • Being part of a team that produces Sihlalo Outreach products (e.g. the Sihlalo Outreach chair; planter boxes, furniture, creative wooden items)
  • Wood salvage and management of salvaged timbers

Music Studio

  • Access to practice pianos and sound proofed practice rooms
  • Access to music teachers and visiting international musicians
  • Masterclasses for music teachers for upskilling and peer support
  • Structured training in piano tuning
  • Opportunities to participate in fundraising musical performances
  • Training in music theory, music interpretation and music history