Andre is a retired woodwork teacher and school principal.  He is a skilled craftsman in his own right, including woodturning, new product development and antique furniture repair. Teaching young people woodwork skills is his passion. Think, think, think and then do, and measure twice, cut once are his mottos. He is a trouble shooter and problem solver and a very important member of the Sihlalo woodwork family. 


 Justin is talented, multi-skilled, enthusiastic young woodworker who loves learning, and loves a challenge. His happiest times are in the workshop developing new product and refining existing ones.  He has been responsible for many of the new Sihlalo products, working with Keith over WhatsApp to develop ideas and techniques.  He thinks his best products to date are the log truck, the tip truck and the jigsaws. He has a lovely wife and little daughter for whom he is creating a better life by improving his skills in his trade, as well as growing in confidence.   



Wilson is a quiet hard-working achiever, who comes to Sihlalo with a background in basic carpentry, home maintenance and electrical repair.  He has a lovely wife and two little boys, and his involvement in Sihlalo is providing his family with hope for a more secure future.   He has been with Sihlalo since late 2019.  He has already established himself as the champion ‘wheel maker’ in the toy team.  He is a problem solver, and is learning exponentially about the processes of making quality toys,  and about being innovative.  He has produced some beautiful wooden cut outs using the scroll saw which the team has been selling at the market.