The Long March to Freedom National Heritage Monument

The SYT was invited to perform at The Long March to Freedom on 29th October 2022. It was very successful and looks like it might become a regular event. The weather was wonderful, there were lots of visitors who clapped and danced whilst the children were playing, the children loved running around in the statues, and their performance received rave reviews. Watch the Long March To Freedom and the Sihlalo Woodwork facebook pages, and Sihlalowood Instagram, for reminders about when the children will be playing at Long March again.

Adelaide Recital

Karen will be giving a piano recital in Adelaide, Australia on 27th Nov 2022 as a fund-raiser for the SYT. She will play the same program as she played in Cape Town on 6th November 2022. She regularly performs in Adelaide at Peter Bok’s BAPEA Art Gallery in Brompton, often to sold out, standing room only crowds who enjoy being up close and personal to live performances. Her concerts are always given to raise funds for a social cause. The last concert she gave in Adelaide was during the devastating bushfires in South Australia Dec 2019-Jan 2020, where Karen raised money to assist in rehabilitating the decimated Ligurian bee colonies on Kangaroo Island. The well-known generosity of her Australian audience may help SYT to purchase bigger drums for 2023, and assist Kuda to make better quality marimbas.