Building Sihlalo Youth Theatre (SYT) is the focus for 2023

Instrument making: Kuda, the African musician in charge of SYT has been making marimbas, mbiras and shakers for the children for the past year.   He is passionate about using recycled materials so that the instruments are affordable.  He has started working with Keith Peterson to improve design and sound.  Keith has over 50 years experience in the wood industry.  He has a passion for wood and wood properties.  He has spent several years in Europe sourcing timbers for musical instruments, and has purchased and shipped wood around the world.  Kuda’s instruments are on display and for sale at Sihlalo. 

Structured woodwork, design and production training

Sihlalo offers small scale, structured woodwork training, product design, client liaison and production experiences to young creatives, to give them a competitive edge for employment.  Keith Peterson provides this training, in conjunction with valued Sihlalo clients to ensure that its trainees learn from market driven experiences.

Youth training program

SYT is a growing group of youngsters aged 6-15 years from Phillipi and Belville, who are learning drumming, marimba and mbira from Kuda.  They meet every Saturday morning to learn, practice and perform.  New applicants should contact