Kids Toys from Sihlalo Outreach

Our official toy testers  have an eye for quality to ensure that your specifications are noted when fulfilling orders

Barista Training

Are you looking to kickstart an exciting career as a barista. Learn the tricks of the trade from the best in the industry and be equipped to make the best coffee and make the best latte art. Join our barista program

Work Space

Are you looking for a conducive space to do your work and send those emails and scanned documents? Look no further because the The Little Brown Dog Cafe is equipped with internet access and all the tools to get your work done

Custom Made Toys

We constantly engage our trainees with relevant projects to up-skill them and trigger their creativity.
Are you looking for custom made toys? we can deliver just that.

Educational Toys

As part of our mission to up-skill young South Africans, we invest a considerable amount of our resources in training candidates on how to manufacture educational toys such as jigsaws

The Career Flight

We equip our trainees to fly and soar high in their careers